We breathe CO2

The world around us changes rapidly, with a growing need for companies to contribute to a global reduction in environmental impact, Carbotreat offers complete Business Cases based on innovative CO2 technology with a viable Return on Investment

Carbon Capture

Carbotreat offers state-of-the-art capture systems that haven been field proven for more than 8 years in an industrial environment.

In our capture system the carbon dioxide is captured from the gasses using an amine-based solvent in an absorber. The carbon-rich gas out of your process enters the absorber, where the solvent is sprayed onto a packing which increases the time of contact between the gas and the solvent. Apart from the residual gasses, a rich solvent with the CO₂chemically bounded leaves the absorber to the next step in the capturing process: the desorber.

Bicarb Production

Carbotreat has developed a technology to produce Sodium bicarbonate out of gaseous carbon dioxide. During the first step of the sodium bicarbonate production, the gaseous CO₂ is fed through a sodium solution in a mixing vessel. While the carbon dioxide creates cavities in the substance it is firmly stirred by an agitator. This step is repeated multiple times to ensure complete chemical reaction. Between the multiple mixing steps, the liquid is cooled down, causing the solution to transition from a Sodium solution to a Sodium bicarbonate sludge. This sludge can either be used directly or dried to a powder form.


The easiest way to transport CO2 and prepare it for storage or utilization is in liquid form. Carbotreat provides field-proven systems to convert the gaseous CO₂ into liquid.

Our systems are designed to minimize the cost for energy by optimizing temperature and pressure and align these to the requirements of the subsequent process. Carbotreat liquefaction systems are fully automated and can be controlled remotely.

The liquid CO2 is almost 100% pure and can be used for applications that require food grade quality.


The dry liquid CO2 from our liquefaction installations can be stored on-site in a stainless steel tank. Carbotreat offers cryogenic tanks adapted to the size required for the application. Our tanks are insulated, fully certified and come with all required safety measures. Equipped with a fully automated offloading system to transfer the liquid CO₂ into a truck.