Land Based

Carbotreat Carbon Capture systems can be applied to virtually every system, process or equipment that emits CO₂.

We breathe CO2

The world around us changes rapidly, with a growing need for companies to contribute to a global reduction in environmental impact, CarboTreat offers complete Business Cases based on innovative CO2 technology with a viable Return on Investment

Power generation units

Power stations and gensets are a source that emit CO2. As these are “point sources”, a carbon capture solution can be added easily. Carbotreat carbon capture solutions can be incorporated in new installations, but can also be simply added to existing equipment such as:

  • Gas turbines
  • Reciprocating engines
  • Boiler plants

Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry depends on high value equipment in the upstream and downstream environment, such as engines, boilers and Combined Heat & Power installations, etc. A number of these point sources emit CO2 for which can assist with state-of-the-art carbon capture, storage and utilization solutions.


Wellhead gases in upstream oil and gas production are often used for generating heat and power, making it a point source for emitting CO2. These emissions can be captured and prepared for storage or utilization with a Carbotreat solution


Carbotreat technologies can be applied both onshore, as well as on affshore platforms or FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading).


The petrochemical industry requires large amounts of thermal and electrical energy. Carbotreat’s carbon capture technology can be applied to new and existing equipment used for generating this energy.


Refineries require large amounts of heat, steam and electricity in their processes. The Carbotreat solutions are an add-on to existing generating equipment, capturing CO2 at a rate of more than 90%

Waste-2-Energy plants

Modern waste-2-energy installations produce electricity and heat by processing waste. Most of these processes generate energy directly through combustion or via the production of a fuel created from waste.

Not only the CO2 can be captured from any of these energy processes derived from waste, but the CO2 can also be utilized to produce sodium bicarbonate.

Carbotreat offers a sodium bicarbonate production process based on utilizing the captured CO2. In return this bicarbonate can be used to reduce emissions earlier in the waste treatment process.


To ease the process of integrating a CO2 solution into your existing or new process, Carbotreat can assist by providing process know-how and knowledge of best practice. Our CO2 capture and utilization systems do not affect your main business process, but are simply added to the plant. We just require a small area to install the carbon equipment and can tap in to the available energy sources.

Our CO2 solutions make your existing process sustainable!

  • Food & Beverage
  • Paper
  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Ceramic
  • Gypsum and plaster board

Process Industry

Carbotreat offers cost effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions from industrial processes. A capture rate of more that 90% is easily attainable and the required energy for carbon processes can often be utilized from excess or waste heat from the industrial process. This minimizes operational cost of the carbon capture system, while optimizing the site’s energy balance.

Some application examples are:

  • Blue/Grey Hydrogen production
  • Chemical


Let's work together for a sustainable future