Bouman Business Value Proposition

Bouman Industries is a well-known and reliable partner in the manufacturing industry founded in 1950. Bouman Industries consists of six business units each specialized in a specific discipline but working closely together generating a unique synergy, to offer the best possible solution for our customers.

Bouman Industries is able to deliver customer specific solutions in the areas of:

  • Engineering: from your problem to production ready solution.
    Our engineers are able to help you finding the out of the box best solution for your technical problem or idea.
  • High tech machining: being able to work with the most demanding tolerances.
    With a large variety of milling machines we are able to work with a broad spectrum of product sizes and levels of accuracy required, down to the most demanding tolerances. With our own quality control department we assure our end product meets your expectations.
  • Systems: Complex machine or construction assembly’s and precision MIG/MAG or TIG Welding.
    In our locations Veendam and Almelo we can assemble from large stainless steel frame constructions to small and precise machine assembly’s.
  • Process Engineering: Deliver complete Chemical production plants including installation on site.
    Years of experience result in the world’s largest industrial companies trusting Bouman for the realization and maintenance of their (chemical) production plants.

Together with over 100 experts from our locations in both Almelo and Veendam or on site at the customer we deliver the expertise to customers in the food-, pharma-, chemical- and process industry. The ability to help our customers with their idea’s or problems as a starting point all the way from the engineering to manufacturing, assembly and eventually installation on site makes Bouman the unique one-stop contact with expertise in a broad field of technical applications.